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Violence, instead of Peace, Erupts Throughout the World As the New Year Begins: Shia v. Sunni; Jew v. Jew; Christian v. Muslim; Christian v. Christian; and Government v. the Governed 的暴力行为,而不是和平,整个世界新年伊始爆发:逊尼派什叶派诉;犹诉犹太人,基督教诉穆斯林,基督教诉基督教;和政府诉治理 لعنف بدلا من السلام ، ويثور في جميع أنحاء العالم مع بداية العام الجديد يبدأ : الشيعة ضد السنة؛ يهودي ضد يهودي، مسيحي ضد مسلم، مسيحي ضد المسيحيين، ويحكم ضد الحكومةאלימות, במקום שלום, פורצת בעולם כולו את השנה החדשה מתחיל: שיעים נגד סונים, יהודי נגד יהודי, נוצרי נגד המוסלמים; כריסטיאן נ ‘נוצרי; ו נ’ ממשלת הפלשתיני

Enough is Enough, and it is time for the violence to end! “Can’t we all just get along?” Rodney King (after the riots in LA)     Translations in Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese are Below the English Text. The Videos … Continue reading

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Summary of Hidden Costs of Not Switching to Alternative Sources of Energy

      Co-Authored by David M. Ginsberg and Etan J. Ginsberg I. INTRODUCTION While many consumers and governmental officials are concerned about the environment, and desire to go “green” no matter what the cost or inconvenience, many people and … Continue reading

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