13 Year Old Super Fan of Japanese TV Show Ninja Warrior Wins Parkour Contest


Etan Ginsberg already started his own Ninja Warrior Web Site for fans of the show, Ninja Warrior.  CLICK HERE FOR THE WEBSITE. Etan also built his own “environmentally friendly” Ninja Warrior course, as is shown on his Videos of Etan Building and Completing His Ninja Warrior Course and Obstacles]. Incredibly, he is already a top competitor even though he is prevented from competing only because of his age- 13 years old. American Ninja Warrior requires one to be 18 or 21.

The show is far more popular in Japan than in America. Etan has become friends and fellow athletes with the people the public watches on TV, the top contenders on both American Ninja Warrior and Ninja Warrior. Top Super Athletes like Chris Wilczewski, who is a physically among the very best in the world and, on a personal level, incredibly inspiring and deserving.

In finishing up one interview for Etan’s website, Etan became interested in Parkour. In his first contest, a video submsission, with the help of some friends and his ten year old sister, Etan came in, incredibly, FIRST PLACE. Click Here for the Video Entry.

In the interests of full disclosure, I must reveal that Etan is my 13 year old son, and his sister, who also participated in the Video, Shaina, is also my daughter. He (my 13 year old son) and Shaina (my 10 year old daughter), and their friends won 1st place for Etan’s Parkour contest. They deserve credit for their achievments, and their accomplishments (not parental pride) justify this post.

What is Parkour you ask? (so did I). It is intense and strenuous activity involving  Free Running and Jumping (like off of houses).

Etan is already 1st in his tennis team, and was undefeated last year. He skis double black diamonds, yet finished first in the country in a National TSA Science Competition and is one of the top Students at Welsh Valley Middle School in Pennsylvania. He does all the SEO [Search Engine Optomization] for my Blog.

Even though Etan was in China this summer, promoting his SEO activities and Ninja Warrior Web Site, he received requests for help from members of the US military, who also wanted to build a Ninja Warrior course for some troops. As busy as he was, Etan refused to turn his back on the troppos, and stayed up night after night finishing the plans which were needed. It turns out that Etan was helping the US Special Forces (we don’t know which one as that is a national secret, but we think it was SEAL TEAM 10). Etan helped them design their own Ninja Warrior Course (with Army obstacles as well) to train navy seals and members of the army. 

Etan is seen here with a fan while touring China doing a promotional tour of his website

Before walking along the mosquito, snake, and crocidile infested Mekong Delta (cite of many bloody battles in Vietnam) and still dangerous due to the prescence of narco-traffickers.

Finally, when fans got out of control, Riot Police had to be called in for Etan’s safety. Etan had to finish the remainder of his trip in China under a fake name, much to the disappointment of Etan’s Chinese fans.



Etan is also socially conscious and has been a vegetarian since age 8  and has been recognized by the PA State Legislature for Environmental Activities.

About davidmginsberg

This is a more limited, more international version of my full blog, which is currently on Google. It may replace my entire blog since Google's Blogger is blocked, I understand, in China (even though my Blog is favorable to China), and China is of interest to me. My full blog is currently at http://usa-china-international.blogspot.com/ and a link to it with more information about me is at http://www.chinablognetwork.com/general/david-ginsberg-international-and-domestic-blog. This is ironic that a Blog site in China, listing China related sites, lists my blog, but prohibits Chinese people from visiting my Blog, which, at worst, has posts which have nothing to do with China, and at worst, has blogs which speak favorably of China.
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