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My Comments and Observations on the 2nd half of the Republican Debate on National Security

I just could not bring myself to watch and write a blog on the first half of the debate as this took so long and it was already late at night In general, this was a really bad debate because, … Continue reading

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Occupy America!!! An analysis of the Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Philadelphia, and Other Movements and why We Should Support Them

  In Philadelphia, as in Wall Street, and throughout the USA and world, people are occupying cities and institutions. I call it, “Occupy America.” I may not be the only one to use that overall name, as the name is … Continue reading

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Democrats Sweep Republican Controlled Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Send a Message to Republicans for the National Presidential and Cognressional General Elections

Montgomery County of Pennsylvania contains some of the most affluent areas and zip codes in the nation and is renown for its conservatism. It, and some of the surrounding counties, still retain such icons of old conservatism as debutante balls, … Continue reading

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WE WON!! Cheryl Austin and Richard Haaz are elected as Judges to the Court of Common Pleas in Montgomery County

WE WON!!! Congratulations and thank you everyone!!!! Two excellent Judges were elected to the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County and will serve with excellence and distinction. Cheryl Austin and Richard Haaz, each Democrats, were elected by more than … Continue reading

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