The Legacy of Former President George W. Bush – His Library Opened Today

The Legacy of Former President George W. Bush – His Library Opened Today

Today, the President Bush (the son) Library was opened. What information and displays should be inside:

1) US economy is destroyed;

2) Cost of Iraqi war is way over One Trillion Dollars which is the amount we don’t have now which is cause for sequestration;

3) Thousands of dead American military personal in Iraq, tens of thousands loose limbs or are maimed, and the cost to Iraq is so much higher with car bombs going off daily which kill hundreds of civilians at a shot;

4) Pro-Iranian government wins control of Iraq, and Iran becomes biggest state sponsor of terrorism as well as nuclear threat in the making and now has major ally next door;

5) Easy win in Afghanistan (including capture of Bin Laden at Tora Bora) is missed because troops spread to thin because they are in Iraq;

6) Tax cuts worth billions for oil companies even though budget deficit grows and oil shoots to $100 per barrel;

7) 9/11 occurrs;

8) Bin Laden is never captured (during remaining 7 years of Bush’s tenure);

9) Hurricane Katrina totally mishandled, Bush to busy to care;

10) More tax cuts for the ultra rich even though we desparately need to reduce budget deficit and Americans sink into unemployment and poverty;

11) Unemployment at all time high when Bush leaves office;

12) Whackadoodle Tea Party comes into existence;

13) America becomes a country which engages in the torture of people;

14) Civil rights of Americans are totally erroded due to, for example, Patriot Act;

15) Gasoline prices quadruple;

16) Kyoto accords rejected, global warming denied by administration, while polar bears starve to death because there is no more ice in north pole where bears used to hunt for seals, and hundreds of other species now threatened or extinct;

17) Afghanistan, which started out as easy win, becomes totally unstable;

18) American infrastructure continues to erode;

19) Laws which protect American consumers and investors are eviscerated allowing people like Bernie Madoff to steal billions;

20) Major Bush contributors earn hundred million per year salaries while the financial institutions they run go into bankrtuptcy (AIG, Bear-Stearns, etc.) thus further devastating US economy;

21) World opinion of US (which after 9/11 is at all time high) plummets to all time low; and,

22) Mexico continues to grow into major narco trafficking center and millions and millions of illegal immigrants cross the border for each year of his eight year term while major drug distribution networks continue to flourish.

23) George Bush’s drug supplier and alcohol vendors go broke because Bush has to stop drinking and drugging.


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