WE WON!! Cheryl Austin and Richard Haaz are elected as Judges to the Court of Common Pleas in Montgomery County

WE WON!!! Congratulations and thank you everyone!!!! Two excellent Judges were elected to the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County and will serve with excellence and distinction. Cheryl Austin and Richard Haaz, each Democrats, were elected by more than Six Thousand (6,000) Votes over their rival Republicans.

Dan Clifford came in Dead Last! Despite a last minute effort to mislead the public by pretending he had bi-partisan support and the endorsement of Democratic State Representative Mike Gerber. Click Here to see the newspaper coverage which described his conduct as “…another sign of low standards in Montco politics” [which is exactly the kind of behavior I have witnessed and feared that Mr. Clifford would commit which should be an abomination a candidate for judge who should display the highest standards of conduct and utmost regard for the truth].

  • Thank you to the hundreds of friends and family who allowed me to bend your ear and then voted.
  • Thank you to the thousands of people who read my blog posts and then voted.
  • Thank you to the more than a thousand strangers I spoke with since during this summer who allowed me to bend your ear and then voted.
  • Thank you to the hundred or so people I met with at the poll who allowed me to talk to you and then voted.
  • Thank you to the newspapers who printed my comments for you readers.
  • Thank you to the thousands of people who read my flyers left on your cars and voted.
  • Thank you to the people on Facebook and all the other social networking and other sites who read my repeated posts, articles, news flashes, requests, and other repetitious over and over and then voted.
  • Thank you to the dozens of other people who donated time and money to help me convince voters about this election for Judges to the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, a county where I grew up and live all my life and where I practiced law for almost a quarter of a century.
  • Thank you to the voters who constantly ratify and reconfirm my belief in the American system of democracy but who are helping me to regain my trust in the Montgomery County Judiciary.

It has been said that, “All it takes for evil to prevail is for a few good people to do nothing.” Well a few good people did some things and good did prevail.

I would like to state that Maureen Coggins ran an excellent race according to high standards and is to be wished well and congratulated and would probably have also made a good Judge, even though she ran as a Republican. I am especially touched by her past work as prosecuting animal cruelty cases on behalf of the ASPCA.

Cheryl Austin served her country patriotically and heroically as a Captain in the United States Navy. Her legal and non-legal experience are diverse and extensive, as a qualified judge should be. She is probably one of the most qualified candidates ever to run for the judiciary. She even served in the highly prestigious position of staff attorney to the Ohio Supreme Court. She has lived and worked in Montgomery County for more than fifteen years with a diverse and prestigious practice, including working for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office. As a Judge should have, she has extensive and diverse trial experience. She is widely respected and known for her fairness, honesty, integrity, intelligence and pragmatism. While I am not privy to the facts, she seemed to have spent the least amount on her campaign yet did very well winning over her Republican rivals by a wide margin.

Richard Haaz, who came in first by a slight margin of Cheryl Austin, [two Judges were elected from four candidates], has also served with honor, distinction, and recognition in this area for an extensive period. He has extensive and diverse trial experience, as a judge should have, and also served as a hearing committee chairman for the Disciplinary Board of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Lastly, he has extensive experience volunteering and working on his own time for charitable causes and organizations. I believe, but am not certain due to the fact that it just happened, spearheaded the injunction against Dan Clifford’s misleading “flier” and should be given credit, as well, for fighting for truth.

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