Democrats Sweep Republican Controlled Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Send a Message to Republicans for the National Presidential and Cognressional General Elections

Montgomery County of Pennsylvania contains some of the most affluent areas and zip codes in the nation and is renown for its conservatism. It, and some of the surrounding counties, still retain such icons of old conservatism as debutante balls, fox hunts, and private clubs which still discriminate against minorities including People of Color and Jews (like myself).

Any conflict involving wealth tends to be between “old money” and “new money” and not between “money” and “the lack thereof [of money].” Accordingly, it has been a bastion of Republican conservatism. It has been thought, ever since President Bush (the first one and only intelligent one) lost the election that if the economy were bad, the incumbent President, and other incumbent elected officials, would be voted out of office.

I have been arguing, however, in my blog (and as a graduate of the Wharton School of Business who majored in Economics and graduated Magna Cum Laude I might have some iota of a clue) that there is a many year lag effect between the actions of a President and the effect on the economy. I have been arguing that the current financial crisis we are experiencing is the fault of  Republicans and not our President or the Democrats: (i) George Bush (the second one who was mentally absent from the White House); and, (ii) Republicans in Congress who, along with the 60% vote required to pass a bill in the Senate were committing treason by refusing to pass the President’s necessary legislation because their of their fanatical special interest group pandering and desire to get elected by “tanking” the country and then blaming our great President.

I  believe that: (i) the statements of many old time Republicans who distance themselves from modern Republicans and the Tea Party; (ii) the current and spreading “occupy Wall Street” movement which has spread throughout this country and even the world; and (iii) now this recent unexpected Democratic sweep in Montgomery County Pennsylvania evidences the fact that the American public is, wisely, refusing to accept the principle that the incumbent President and his/her [some day I hope we will also be able to elect a woman (and/or also a gay/lesbian/transgendered person) as the Democratic President of this Country] party are responsible for the current financial crisis in America. I believe that the American public realizes what I have been arguing in my Blog (not because they are reading my Blog – because although readership is pretty high, and growing and a rapid pace, it is not that high or accelerating that rapidly) that Republicans, and not Democrats or President Obama (or even China) are to blame for this fiscal crisis

I have also been arguing, and I believe it will come to pass (and I have been prescient in my Blog), that if Congressional Republicans do not do an “abrupt about face and change of face,” they will be deservedly and necessarily voted out of office and their party, its power (and misuse thereof) will be eviscerated. Montgomery County, PA is an example and a warning of things to come. So to Republicans – take heed, and to Democrats, keep the faith!


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