Amanda Knox is Set Free

Free at Last! Amanda Knox is Free at Last! Thank God Almighty Amanda Knox is Free at Last! After four extensive years in prison, Amanda Knox has finally been released and all of her charges except defamation have been overuled.

Finally justice for Amanda Knox and her boyfriend, Rafael. I won’t go into the details as they have had massive legal coverage. You can also find much more legal information about Amanda Knox on my other two posts, “Help Win the Freedom of Amanda Knox,” and “Update to trial on Amanda Knox.” Besides why do the legal facts even matter? There was no evidence against Amanda except tortured and forced confessions and a faulty, weak DNA test, and the Appellate Court finally recognized this.

We must hesitate in our celebration to feel for her wasted four years in prison and wonder how many like her, with less press coverage of the injustice are out there. Amanda Knox is only one is a thousand equally absurd and unfair cases.

The West Memphis Three was finally released after almost two decades in jail, one of whom was on death row. This case was in the USA, and proves that injustice is not limited to foreign Courts.

All of the conviction stem is rooted to confirmation bias which is referred to as “Tunnel Vision.” It is time for it to stop. We must stand up to make change for not just Amanda Knox, but millions of other people around the world.

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