Update to Amanda Knox Case

In my original post almost three months ago, I stated that, “The DNA evidence is at worst, meaningless, and at best, exonerates her. That is because I was paying attention to the evidence submitted at the original trial. Unfortunately, the Italian Jury, Judges and Italian Prosecutor Mignini (who wanted to convict Amanda Knox for his own selfish corrupt reasons regardless of the truth of her innocence) were not paying attention to the evidence.

Last week, after this poor girl has been languishing in an Italian prison for years, her case is finally having an appeal. Fortunately, unlike the USA system (and probably because Italian trials are so bad), an appeal in Italy is like a new trial. In the USA, one has to show error which really couldn’t have been attacked at the original trial. Despite public perceptions, it is much harder to win on appeal in America. In fact, it is rare to overturn a jury verdict in a criminal prosecution.

In the appeal, the DNA evidence again came under scrutiny. This time, it was made even more obvious that both the results of the DNA tests and the methodology by which the DNA was collected were flawed, in other words, did not in any way prove Amanda Knox was guilty. If anything, the absence of DNA tended to prover her innocent.

Let’s hope that the Italian Judicial System finally “gets it” and this poor innocent girl is finally freed and some way can be found to compensate her for the wrongful prosecution, imprisonment, and conviction she has endured, as well as the resulting financial and emotional suffering she and her friends and family have endured.

As an aside, it seems prosecutor Mignini is really out of his mind, and it seems that freedom of speech and press are selectively banned in Italy. I have heard, but not investigated, that Prosecutor Mignini has sued Amanda Knox’s mother and/or brought charges against her, and has done the same thing to other bloggers and commentators. This, if true, is incredible, as he did nothing as the Italian press published, during Amanda Knox’s first trial, many highly prejudicial and factually false stories about Amanda Knox which prosecutor Mignini admitted (during the trial) were entirely false but did nothing to silence the papers or correct their reporting. I think Prosecutor Mignini should replace Amanda Knox in prison when she is finally released.

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