Republicans (especially Tea party and Special Interest Groups) Falsely Blame Democrats and President Obama for Economic Problems which are the Fault of Republicans and try to do this by unfairly scaring Americans about China

Republican special interest groups, PAC’s and especially TEA party nuts continue to attack President Obama by falsely airing advertisements suggesting that the President’s mismanagement of the economy will allow China to somehow “take over” America, or at lease become more powerful than America. This advertisements contain, like an onion, layers and layers of smelly lies and are false misleading scare tactics seeking to place the blame on Democrats and and unfairly criticize China for problems which are the fault of American Republicans.

Fact: Our budget deficit problem began a long time before China became economically powerful. Ronald Reagan, in 1980 ran on a platform of cutting the budget deficit in half. Instead, after eight years of his rule, the deficit had instead doubled.

Fact: David Stockton, a Republican, who worked in the Reagan administration, and was the author of “trickle down economics” and has tremendous credentials as an economist and wall street expert, has come out and attacked Republican refusal to increase taxes on the very rich and admitted that “trickle down economics” does not work!!!

Fact: In the 31 years since Ronald Reagan was elected, Republicans have controlled the White House for 20 years. The economy during the last three years, under Obama, were clearly the result of overspending during the Bush years and the lag effect it takes for an economy to recover from mismanagement, which lag effect can take a decade. During the 11 years which Democrats controlled the White House, their efforts were hampered by Republican controlled congress. Even those very few years in which Democrats also controlled Congress, the inability of Democrats to get 60 votes in the Senate and prevent Republican filibusters has cemented the Republican ability to prevent Democratic administrations from effectuating real change.

Fact: One major component of America’s budget deficit is our excessive defense spending. We have a half a million soldiers scattered on bases all over the world. China has zero soldiers on zero bases and has zero history of military expansionism. The only foreign policy issues they are criticized for is Tibet and Taiwan. Most certainly, Taiwan was formerly part of China, is arming itself and anti-China. The invasion of Tibet occurred a long time ago, under the era of Mao Tse Tung and China was also historically part of Tibet (although I must confess I am not an expert on this subject.)

Fact: China has its own Islamic terrorist fears and problems. I have discussed this with party officials who informed me they were very concerned with Bin Laden for years. In the last few days, in fact, Islamist extremists committed terrorist attacks in China.

Fact: We associate North Korea with China as though the two are close allies. Nothing could be further from the truth. North Korea is a big problem for China, in a manner similar to the way Iraq is to America.

Fact: We associate our war in Vietnam with China. According to the Republican appointed Ambassador of President Bush (the father) who served during the Tianamin square massacre and a CIA operative in Cambodia during the Vietnam war, China was having problems with Vietnam even during the war. US intelligence noticed roads being build in China to the border with Vietnam and suspected these were built in order to supply Vietnam with weapons. We have learned, according to this Republican Ambassador and CIA operative, that China build those roads so they could be prepared for war with Vietnam way back then. Within the last decades, we have become trading partners and friends with Vietnam, yet there have been hostilities between China and Vietnam.

Fact: We associate the massacre in Tianamin square with an “evil repressive government.” In truth, Zhao Ziyang, the Premier of China and a leading member of the Communist Party, was against the violence, and spent the rest of his life home imprisonment for his opposition. The violence was caused by a few hard liners left over from the Mao era who went around the government. My source, a book which is banned in China, The Secret Journal of Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang which was smuggled to Hong Kong. Those hardliners are all dead.

Fact: China is a poor hard working country. We can’t blame the government or the people for wanting to work and produce goods so that they can provide for themselves the basis of education and food, which are still at a level far below our own country. Their budget surplus is not an “act of aggression.”

Fact: No one forces us to borrow from the Chinese, and they are not to happy about the instability of our deficits and borrowing. The recent budget crisis made the Chinese very worried. In summary, the budget crisis in the USA is of our own creation and the Chinese are essentially saving us by lending us the money which they earned.

CONCLUSION: Our budget problems are strictly an American creation, largely due to Republican mismanagement of our economy. China posses no threat to the USA, and our fiscal problems are of our own creation, including though an unnecessary and inordinately expensive defense spending and refusal to increase taxes (and repeal tax credits) on the very rich. Continued attacks on President Obama, and Democrats, which use scare tactics regarding the Chinese are racist, slanderous, libelous, false, and unfair. They are designed to do what Republicans do best: steal elections through obfuscation of the issues and lies and scaring an uninformed American public.

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