Watch for My Upcoming Book, “A White Tear in Red China”

Watch out for my upcoming book, A White Tear in Red China by David Michael Ginsberg, © 2011 David Michael Ginsberg, which I had written over the last few years in hand during my many trips to and adventures in China. I am finally typing it up and editing it. Don’t be mistaken by the use of the word “Red” in the title. That is the way I was taught to refer to China as I was growing up. But China, I have found, is one of the most exciting, dynamic and rapidly changing countries in the world. Far from the foreboding I felt as a child hearing about “Red China,” I found China to be a warm, friendly modern and safe country where I felt free and as ease, far more then I had ever felt in America. I developed a love and respect for the people, culture and government of China.

The later may evoke surprise in America, but we, in America, tend to look at China from a static and out-dated point of view. China has been evolving, in all respects (including her government) and will continue to evolve, while America is frozen in static paralysis. To truly know and understand China requires one to know and understand where China has come from, how it got there, and how rapidly it has changed and evolved over the last century, and how it continues to evolve.

I have read extensively about China, and many of the books I have read (which have given me a deep respect for China, her people, and her government) are in fact currently not welcome or available in China. Yet, even the valid intellectual criticisms of China lead one to develop a deeper understanding and respect for China. It is ironic (but understandable due to the history of foreign intervention and imperialism in China) that China doesn’t like foreign criticism yet is renowned for “self-criticism” in the name of “self-improvement.”

It is my first book, and is non-fiction, and is very favorable to China and the Chinese people and government (especially when compared to the public perception and criticism elsewhere in the world). It not only looks at where China is currently, but where it has come from and where it is heading and how it is getting there. All of this is relevant in understanding the positive direction and optimistic expectations of China and its future place in this world, internally and externally. My book discusses my wonderful and happy adventures in China, while at the same time watching and suffering from injustice and oppression in my own country and my disillusionment with life, economic policies, justice, politics, and government in the USA.


I can only hope I am a good enough author to tell the stories which are definitely well worth reading.

“A White Tear in Red China” is also a trademark of David M. Ginsberg. All rights reserved.


About davidmginsberg

This is a more limited, more international version of my full blog, which is currently on Google. It may replace my entire blog since Google's Blogger is blocked, I understand, in China (even though my Blog is favorable to China), and China is of interest to me. My full blog is currently at and a link to it with more information about me is at This is ironic that a Blog site in China, listing China related sites, lists my blog, but prohibits Chinese people from visiting my Blog, which, at worst, has posts which have nothing to do with China, and at worst, has blogs which speak favorably of China.
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